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Reliable, Secure & Transparent.

Discover the Exact Cash Difference.

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You’ll earn the surcharge that you set on every ATM transaction less our maintenance fee. We’ll deposit it directly into you bank account on a daily, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Exact Cash Difference?

The Exact Cash Difference sets us apart by emphasizing our unique approach compared to others in the industry. At the heart of our operations are the principles of security, reliability, and transparency. This distinction becomes evident through our transparent pricing model and our unwavering commitment to investing in advanced technology, enhancing both the security and reliability of our services.

How does Exact Cash add-value?

We offer a plethora of services to ensure that your business continues to grow and run smoothly.

>> Our Cash Management Services ensure that your terminals are always stocked with enough cash.

>> Our Maintenance Services allow you to maximize the uptime of your terminals with timely support, repair and replacement.

>> Our Telecommunication Services ensure that your machines are always able to communicate with the banking network through hard wired, or independent wireless connectivity.

>> Our Digital Marketing Services allow you to boost your brand awareness, attract high paying customers, and accelerate the growth of your business on autopilot.

>> Our Business Automation Software, iQ Platform, allows you to manage your entire business. Build lightning fast websites that you can update in real-time. Add your opportunities to the CRM, build out custom pipelines to track your sales prospects and convert them into customers. Use our booking tool to schedule customer appointments. Create custom funnels and email marketing campaigns for highly targeted campaigns. Schedule out automated posts to your social media accounts to build your community efficiently and so much more.

Once, you have created an account, feel free to contact us to tell us how we can help!

What sets you apart from the rest?

Your success is Our success.

What truly distinguishes us is our unwavering commitment to Your success.

To us, you're not just another number; YOU are an integral part of OUR community, and YOUR business results are OUR top priority.

This means prioritizing up time and keeping an open communication line with your business. No more waiting for days or weeks on end for a service concern to be resolved, or to have your machine replenished. We aim to avoid these issues completely, and on the off chance that it does occur, it will be resolved within 24 to 48 hours at the absolute latest.

Our dedication goes beyond mere words—we are ready to invest our time, resources, and expertise in you the moment you decide to join us.

We are thinking about switching to Exact Cash, but we own the machine located at our business. Will you purchase it, and continue to provide ATM services to our business?

We're always eager to explore new opportunities. If you own an ATM and are interested in selling it to us while choosing Exact Cash as your service provider, this could be an excellent strategy to generate a lump sum cash payment to your business. Provided you can demonstrate ownership with the appropriate documentation and are not bound by an existing agreement, we can often facilitate a same-day transition to our services.

Additionally, if you prefer to retain ownership of your machine but are looking to upgrade, our competitive trade-in program can help you achieve that goal seamlessly.

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